Conical Fermenter 6.5
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The Model f6.5d fermenter is the best buy for the small batch brewer and for the instructor in a class room situation.  The Affordable Conical has all the attributes of a very large fermenter plus they will withstand hard use and are easy to clean and sterilize.  The Affordable Conical ships ready to brew, all you need to do is assemble the stand, and, clean and sterilize the tank.  Permeability is not an issue with our thick-walled fermenter tanks.  Also you need not worry about lead leaching into the wort or wine with the new California standard stainless steel valves.  All new orders ship with our new third generation aluminum stand. The new stand is more stable and easy to assemble. You can find assembly instruction under the use and care section. 

  • Item #: HB0001

Conical Fermenter 6.5 Gallon w FREE SHIPPING

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