Briess Golden Light Extract Malt
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Malts Base Malt, Carapils
Malt Solids 79 percent
Fermentability 75 percent
Color¹ 4 Lovibond
Specific Gravity² 1.035

Briess CBW® (Concentrated Brewers Wort) Golden Light is a light colored, American malt extract. It produces a classic malty flavor and is suitable for use in any style of beer.

¹ Color figure applies to a mixture of extract with water. Therefore, you may experience a different color, depending on use.
² Specific Gravity applies to a mixture of 1 lb of extract with 1 gal of water. For 'brewer's points', use the final two digits of the figure.


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Extract Malt - 3.3 lb - Golden Light

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