QUANTITIES: We will be transitioning away from sales by the ounce.  As we make this change, grains will be disappearing from this page and will be available only by the pound or larger quantities. 

MILLING GRAIN: We will no longer be milliing grains.  We will make our grain mill available so you can mill your grains.  You may need to bring a bucket or bags to use after milling.

We are sorry if this change inconveniences you.



Each base grain is provided by the ounce so you can develop your recipe order without left over grains.


Grains sold by the ounce will be measured in the hundredths of a pound, so as to approximate the weight of an ounce.  The following scale will be used:

One ounce - .06 lb // Two ounces - .13 lb // Three ounces - .19 lb // Four ounces - .25 lb

Five ounces - .31 lb // Six ounces - .38 lb // Seven ounces - .44 lb // Eight ounces - .50 lb

Nine ounces - .56 lb // Ten ounces - .63 lb // Eleven ounces - .69 lb // Twelve ounces - .75 lb

Thirteen ounces - .81 lb // Fourteen ounces - .88 lb // Fifteen ounces - .94 lb

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We hope this makes it easier to assemble what you need for you next batch of beer.  Let us know if we need to make improvements.