Shop GRAND CRU - 10 Liter / 4 Week Kits

Setting the Global Standard - From the first swirl to the final sip, you will truly appreciate the enhanced bouquet and flavors that Grand Cru wine kits offer. 

Each kit provides:

  • 10 Liters of varietal grape juice and concentrates sourced from around the globe to create perfectly balanced wines.
  • In just 4 weeks, you will  have a wonderful, ready to enjoy wine.
  • Little or no aging required. You can enjoy your wine shortly after bottling.

Grand Cru travels the globe to select the highest quality grape juices and concentrates to create wines that will gain in stature with further aging.


Temperature - 54 - 59 F is a great temperature to store your wines.  Most importantly, reduce frequent temperature fluctuations.

Storage - Bottles are best stored on their sides to keep the cork moist.

Humidity - A relative humidity of 50 - 70 percent will keep the corks in a supple condition and keep air out.

Sulphite Level - If your wine is being aged for more than 6 months, add an extra 1/4 tsp to 23 Liters of wine.  This will ensure the safety of your wine.

Light - Try to keep the cellar dark when not in use.  Avoid fluorescent lights - they emit UV light that can be harmful to your wine.

Movement - Constant agitation tends to disturb sediment, creating a haze.

Corks - There are different cork options available dependant upon length of ageing.  Your local retailer will give you recommendations that will best suit your needs.

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The grape juices and concentrates selected by Grand Cru enable your wine to continue to gain in stauture with aging.  Although it isn't required to enjoy your wine, you will notice the improvement aging can bring.