Shop PREMIUM WINE KITS - 18 / 16 / 15 Liter Kits

These 18 and 16 Liter wine kits have been developed over many years and tested in international competitions against the best other wines in the world.  Feel confident that these premier wine kits will provide the extra flavors and mouthfeel that you just can't get at a local winery or liquor store.


Elegance Re-defined - En Primeur wine kits contain 18 Liters of varietal grape juice and concentrate hand selected from leading vineyards around the world to create a wine of elegance in your glass.  You will be proud to share your wine with family and friends.

WINERY SERIES - 18 liter / 6 Week Kits

These red wines have taken craft winemaking to a whole new level of quality with the addition of the GenuWine Winery Crushed Grape Skins.  The white wines have been uniquely designed to bring out the best flavors and aromas in each varietal.  Carefully selected yeast strains will highlight and enhance varietal characteristics during the fermentation process.  Cellar Classic Winery Series showcases the expertise and commitment to carry on the age-old winemaking traditions as practiced in the finest grape growing regions of the world.

CRU SELECT SERIES - 16 liter / 6 Week Kits

Cru Select travels the world to bring winemakers outstanding wines from leading vineyards.  These wines will become a delightful dinner companion and a real treasure for wine enthusiasts.  Cru Select offers a diverse collection of white and red wine styles from around the world.  Each wine has just the right body, flavor, clarity and bouquet to satisfy even the most discerning palates.


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    We know you will be happy with the diverse selection of flavors and aromas presented through these premium wine series and know that regardless of your selection, you will be back for another.